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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the re-mind work?

The re-mind works very easily. You turn it on in the morning and put it in your pocket or wear it on a cord around your neck. Every time the re-mind vibrates, you think about the instructions of your therapist or coach: Are you sitting or standing up well? How’s your attitude? Are you relaxed? How’s your breathing, etc. At night, you turn it off again. This way you improve day in, day out and you really learn a new habit.

How do you turn on the re-mind?

You turn the re-mind on and off by pressing the button briefly. If the re-mind vibrates once, it’s on. If the re-mind vibrates twice, it’ll be off.

How often does the re-mind vibrate?

By default, the re-mind vibrates about every 6 minutes, and this slowly rises to 12 minutes. You can set this up yourself, or in consultation with your therapist, from short to long, exactly what works for you. Check out the guide to instructions.

Is there a manual?

There are two manuals depending on which version Re-mind you have:

Re-mind 2.0 (from Feb 2020). This Re-mind has no logo or other print. Download the guide here

Re-mind (until Feb 2020). This Re-mind has the logo ‘’ on the back. Download the guide here

Can you set up the re-mind yourself?

The re-mind is set by default, you don’t have to do anything about it. With this automatic learning program, the re-mind vibrates about 10 times an hour, and that decreases to 5 times an hour over a period of a few months. In consultation with your therapist, the re-mind can be put on another program. See the manual for this.

What if you don't feel the re-mind so good?

If you don’t feel the re-mind properly, you can make it vibrate longer by holding down the button for more than 5 seconds. Wait for the re-mind to vibrate, then press the button again, until the re-mind vibrates. The re-mind then vibrates 3 seconds instead of 1 second. Please note that this will reduce battery life. Repeat the above procedure to restore the re-mind to 1 second.

You can also wear the re-mind in another place, for example on a cord around your neck. Furthermore, re-mind wristbands will soon be available, so you can wear the re-mind close to your wrist and feel very good.

How big is the re-mind

The re-mind is very small, the dimensions are 25mm wide, 48 mm long and 8 mm thick. That’s smaller than a little matchbox. It’s pretty smooth, so you don’t feel it when you wear it.

How do you replace the battery?

The re-mind battery normally lasts 3 to 5 months, depending on your settings. This video shows you how to replace the battery.

What if you don't have a pocket?

Many women do not wear pants or have pants without pockets. You can then wear the re-mind with a cord or necklace around your neck. Soon there will also be a wristband available in which you can wear the re-mind.

Why not a re-mind App on your mobile?

There are Apps that occasionally vibrate your mobile or make a sound. But that has a big disadvantage: You want to keep looking at your phone what’s going on and that’s why it’s a huge result. Precisely because the re-mind works separately from your phone does it work so well and gives it a certain rest.

For the same reason you shouldn’t put your re-mind in the same pocket as your phone!

What if the re-mind doesn't work anymore?

If the re-mind doesn’t work after a month or 3, the battery may be running out. Then replace the battery. If your re-mind doesn’t do it before, send an email to,we’ll fix it.

Does the re-mind go out on its own?

The re-mind goes out automatically, about 16 hours after you turn it on. This ensures that the re-mind does not deflate if you have it temporarily.

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